Ask Me (Almost) Anything


Here’s the deal: I want to know what you want to know. I’ve written quite a few words on this blog over the past few months, but they’ve always addressed topics that I deemed worthy of writing about at that particular time. Now I want to turn the tables on you. What do you care about? What are you interested in? How can I serve you, as the reading audience, better?

Let’s set some parameters. This is a pop-culture blog, so please don’t ask me anything about my social life or my favorite flavor of ice cream or my thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial. (I have answers to all of these questions, but this isn’t the appropriate forum.) Other than that, feel free to be creative. Depending on the number and types of questions I get, the answers might come in the form of an individual blog post or a compilation post.

What kinds of questions might you ask? Here are a few examples:

What do you think of (Insert Movie/Show/Actor/Actress/Director/Writer/Artist/Album/Song/Character/Piece of News)?

What’s your favorite _________? (As general as “movie” or as specific as “scene in the fifth episode of Friday Night Lights“)

Give me some advice on __________. (Pop-culture habits, talking about pop culture with your friends, formulating opinions, etc.)

Explain your approach to criticism/writing/watching/listening/etc.

And anything else pop-culture related! You can ask me questions by commenting on this blog post, hitting me up on Facebook or Twitter, e-mailing me, sending an owl, banging out a telegram or hollering loudly from a second-story window. Thanks in advance for participating in this dialogue with me.


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