The M&M Report, Episode 10: Implausible Delights

Gilmore Girls

Click here to listen to Episode 10.

This week on The M&M Report, Devin and I invited our friend and colleague Rachel Lomot to chat about two sentimental relationship shows starring Lauren Graham.

NBC’s Parenthood is currently struggling with a troublesome story arc, even though many of its other stories are firing on all cylinders. Rachel and I discussed Christina’s implausible bid for Berkeley mayor, Julia’s possible dalliance with guest star David Denman, and the awesomeness of Max Burkholder and Ray Romano as Max and Hank.

Gilmore Girls ended its run a few years ago, but Devin and Rachel had lots of thoughts on it. They didn’t talk nearly as fast as Lorelai and Rory, but they did dissect the show’s less believable storylines and debate what made the show work so well. Devin might have even dropped a profanity. (No promises.)

Next week, Devin and I have lots of exciting topics planned, and another special guest in the works. In the meantime…thanks for listening!

Click through for the time breakdown.

1:44 – 23:45 — Parenthood
23:50 – 44:50 — Gilmore Girls


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