Take 5. Actually, Take 7.

Lou Reed

Not caught up on the latest happenings in and around Hollywood? Fear not, because my Take 5 columns will catch you up in no time. Since September, we’ve lost two major pop culture icons in Tom Clancy and Lou Reed. We’ve ushered Breaking Bad off our television screens, replacing it with tons and tons of new fall shows, most of which aren’t as good as Breaking Bad. We’ve been graced with tons of compelling new music, from pop superstars like Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus to promising newcomers like Lorde and HAIM. We’ve come to terms with the breakup of the Jonas Brothers, but we’re not quite over talking about Chris Brown‘s depressing antics.

And I’ve been taking notes. Read on for the last seven editions of Take 5.

Take 5: OutKast reunites, “It’s a Wonderful Life” returns, Alec Baldwin departs (Nov. 22)
Plus: How I Met Your Mother spawns and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark extinguishes.

Take 5: Maya Rudolph returns to NBC, “50 Shades” retreats to 2015 (Nov. 15)
Plus: Princess Bride expands, Mark Wahlberg grills and album sales spike.

Take 5: A-list crossovers and B-list hosts (Nov. 8)
Plus: Anchorman 2 supersizes, Gaga downsizes and superstars postpone.

Take 5: Lou Reed passes, Scorsese’s Wolf howls (Nov. 1)
Plus: The Good Wife splinters, Chris Brown rehabilitates, Olympus Has Fallen spawns.

Take 5: Sherlock Holmes returns, George Clooney postpones (Oct. 25)
Plus: Beetlejuice returns, Gaga and Bieber and Taylor release, the Joni splinter and the networks renew.

Take 5: Fey and Poehler drop in, Hunnam and Glover drop out (Oct. 18)
Plus: The Walking Dead attracts and Madonna texts.

Take 5: Farewell to Tom Clancy and Breaking Bad (Oct. 7)
Plus: Fall music explodes, John Mulaney emerges and Trouble with the Curve defends.

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