Goodbye, 2013


That’s all, folks. In just a few short hours, we’ll be ringing in a new year. Before the ball drops and the crowd goes wild, I want to briefly reflect on the origins of this blog.

Just seven months ago, I was sitting in my house after a long semester, wondering how I was going to fill the endless loads of free time that lay before me.

“Hmmm,” I thought. “I should start a blog.”

And Lieberman No Lie was born, simple as that. Not exactly feature film material, I’ll admit.

Seven months and 101 posts later, updating this blog has become one of my favorite pastimes. As I’ve been recapitulating for the past few days with my 2013 in Review posts, it’s been an exciting year for pop culture, with plenty of topics worthy of deep discussion and analysis. I love that I can write about what I want, when I want, how I want. I love that I’m becoming a better writer with each new post – or so I think. I love that I’m able to channel the thoughts swirling around in my brain into a record that I can reassess in the future.

Most of all, though, I love that you’ve taken the time, however little of it, to click on my blog and read some fraction of what I have to say. I love that a few of you have told me in person that you enjoy reading my posts, and I love that a few more of you have felt inclined to comment on what I’ve written. It’s an honor to look at my WordPress stats to find that you care about my thoughts on country music or Breaking Bad or Inside Llewyn Davis. It’s a thrill to see that you’ve clicked “Listen” on episodes of The M&M Report, a podcast I started with my friend Devin Mitchell. I can’t say or write it enough – thank you for caring.

I’ve got no plans of slowing down. In the next few days, I’ll review American Hustle, look back at the fourth season of Arrested Development, highlight some current cliché-defying country music and preview the year ahead. At some point, I’ll get around to reviewing the year in movies, but first I need to see a few contenders for the year’s best. So much to do, so little time.

I don’t know exactly what 2014 will bring, but I know that I’ll have this blog to analyze whatever pop culture has in store. And that’s No Lie.

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