Some Things I Wrote in 2017


The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. Thanks in advance for indulging me.

This DCist story about a wildly successful GoFundMe campaign centered around the appealing movie Hidden Figures warmed my heart at a point in the year when my heart was not especially warm.

For a Vice profile, I spent 45 minutes chatting on the phone with a giddy, giggly Sam Richardson, one of my favorite up-and-coming comedic actors and a standout in the recent seasons of Veep. This guy is going places.

Just a few weeks apart, I reviewed for DCist two movies that made me feel wildly different emotions: A Cure for Wellness and Personal Shopper. The former was one of the strangest moviegoing experiences I’ve ever had, and the latter was deeply poignant.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser gave her State of the District, so I wrote for DCist a State of the State of the District.

Speaking of the mayor, I worked diligently for much of the spring to secure a sit-down interview with her. There’s quite a few things I would have done differently, but it was a productive learning experience.

Gloria Gaynor is still surviving.

Vox let me write a very long annotated list of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches from the 2016-2017 season. In the process, I got to indulge so many of my nerdy obsessions, including my fascination with the show’s staff writer Julio Torres and my frustration that cast member Melissa Villasenor has only rarely been in the spotlight.

Capital Fringe Festival was fun this year. Editing coverage for DCist was even more fun. I’ll miss it — and that entire website — in the years to come.

I tried to add some nuance to the debate over neighborhood homeless shelters by talking to some D.C. residents currently experiencing homelessness and wondering if the new plan will be an improvement.

Georgetown is not excited for Wawa.

A couple Current stories I spent a lot of time writing: overcrowding in Ward 3 schools, and a legal battle over a Brightwood apartment building. A couple more that involved some “man-on-the-street” action: A hazardous abandoned bridge in Georgetown and a water main break in the Palisades.

Writing for the Current about local restaurants gave me a nice window into the diversity of the city’s food scene. Interviewing the owners of Zenebech — an Ethiopian restaurant I fondly associate with my friend Amber, a Zenebech evangelist — was a treat.

On my last day working for the Current, I went wild on a story about a proposed strip club that had prompted more than an hour of rapid-fire discussion at a community meeting the night before. What a way to go out.

My first article for Inside Higher Ed has one of my favorite headlines — transplanted by my editor from a quote in the story — for anything I’ve ever published.

Another SNL thing: I sat down (in person!) with Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary (Emma Stone’s boyfriend!) to talk about their movie Brigsby Bear, which I enjoyed. I snuck in a few SNL questions, just to stay on brand.

The Leftovers meant more to me this year than anything else in pop culture. What a treat, then, to interview Tom Perotta about the show (which he helped adapt from his novel of the same name) and his intriguing new book Mrs. Fletcher.

In college, I used Blackboard in all my classes. Now I’m covering the company as part of my job duties.

I traveled for work for the first time in 2017, and came back with this, thisthis and this.

This is way too long already, so I’ll end it with a link a few posts from this blog: the Golden Globe AwardsBarack ObamaJimmy Fallonthe Emmy nominations, The Florida ProjectTay-Ye and 2017 itself. If you can’t get enough of me, subscribe to the M&M Report.

Be good to each other, and see you next year.


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