About Mark

Mark Lieberman, Washington Post staff editor, in Washington, DC.Hi, I’m Mark Lieberman. I’m a versatile journalist based in the Washington, D.C. area.

I have a wide variety of interests and am a quick learner. I’m currently looking for jobs and freelance opportunities, with a particular focus on arts and entertainment, popular culture and local news. I’d love to hear from you by email or on Twitter.

I’ve done extensive writing and editing on local news and features at the Current Newspapers, DCist and The DC Line. I spent nearly two years at Inside Higher Ed immersed in reporting on the impact of digital technology on higher education. At the Washington Post Express, I curated a daily regional news digest, oversaw original reporting on transit issues, and wrote news and feature stories.

You can find my my pop culture writing in Vulture, Vox, ViceThe Week, IndiewireSlant Magazine, Paste Magazine and DCist.

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I graduated from American University in May 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in cinema studies. While there, I served in various roles including culture editor for The Eagle, American University’s student-run newspaper.

—You can read all of my stories here.


Spring 2015: I wrote print and online stories and blog posts for the Washington Post’s Local section. Among my topics: a university professor who failed all of his students; a Japanese American activist who marched in Selma and a wealthy couple who left their infant children in their car during a winter wine tasting event. I also interviewed Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Urman for a guest post for the Acts of Faith blog.

—You can read all of my Washington Post stories here.

USA Today

Summer 2014: I wrote print and online stories for USA Today and USA Weekend as an editorial intern. Among my interview subjects: Andy Samberg, Will Arnett, Irina Shayk, Linda Perry and Caleb Johnson.

—You can read all of my USA Today writing here and my USA Weekend stories here.

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