The M&M Report: “Marriage Story”

Image result for marriage storyDevin and Mark dig deep to discuss Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story, in select theaters now and on Netflix Dec. 6. The phrases “He did it again!” and “hot dad energy” are invoked!

(No spoilers until the 18-minute mark.)

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Listen to Sean Fennessey’s interview with Noah Baumbach, and read the New Yorker’s 2013 profile of the director.

“Parenthood”: Campaign Strategy


In this week’s episode of Parenthood, Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard) bribed a man to vote for his candidate after finding out that he couldn’t register to vote on Election Day. The real fraud in this season of NBC’s ratings-starved family drama, though, has been everything involving Christina Braverman’s monumentally implausible bid for mayor of Berkeley, California. From her discombobulated campaign strategy to her questionable motives, this storyline reeked of transparent manipulation and lacked the unvarnished realism of the show’s previous high points.

“Election Day” resolved this storyline, which has been careening towards a particularly unsustainable outcome all season. How did Jason Katims and his writers choose to conclude the Berkeley mayoral race? Read on to find out.

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