The M&M Report Predicts the 2018 Oscars

Shape.jpgHaving finally recovered from last year’s Best Picture snafu, Devin and I are back with our best guesses for this year’s Oscar winners. Here are our respective ballots, compiled separately.

(Devin and I discussed several of this year’s nominated films on our podcast. Do us a favor and check out our thoughts on¬†Get Out;¬†Baby Driver¬†and¬†Dunkirk;¬†Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri;¬†Lady Bird;¬†Molly’s Game and¬†Call Me By Your Name; and¬†Star Wars: The Last Jedi¬†and¬†The Post. Subscribe to The M&M Report on¬†iTunes¬†and¬†Spotify, and¬†check your feeds Monday morning for our fifth annual post-Oscars recap, to be recorded just minutes after the telecast ends.)

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The M&M Report: “Molly’s Game” and “Call Me By Your Name”


Devin and I review Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut and the most luscious romance of the year. (They’re not the same movie.) (And no, we didn’t plan for the titles of the two subjects of this episode to rhyme.)

Happy new year!

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