The M&M Report: Five Years and Counting

Mark and Devin forming m's with their fingers while standing outside Devin's graduation ceremony

Photo by Chloe Johnson

Mark and Devin celebrate the five-year anniversary of their podcast (!) by exploring their pop culture origin stories and uncovering a few embarrassing secrets along the way.

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Here are some things that were true on Sept. 15, 2013 — the day Mark and Devin released the first episode of The M&M Report:

The #1 song in America was “Roar” by Katy Perry.

The #1 movie in America was Insidious: Chapter Two.

The host of The Tonight Show was Jay Leno.

The host of The Late Show was David Letterman.

The most recent Beyoncé album was released following months of advance notice.

Cardi B was not yet of legal drinking age.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were not married.

Justin Timberlake was kinda cool — but only for a couple more weeks.

Drake’s music career consisted of one mixtape and two studio albums.

Jonas Brothers were still together.

Bill Cosby was months away from NBC announcing his comeback in a new sitcom.

Donald Trump’s most recent trip to Russia was in 1978.

The M&M Report: “Killing Eve” and “Barry”

KillingEve.jpgIt’s a full episode about the emotional devastation that comes with being a trained assassin (or being near one), courtesy of Killing Eve on BBC America (0:00-17:45) and Barry on HBO (17:45-End).

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The M&M Report: Catching up

Breaking Bad

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Dec. 17 – “Whiplash” and “Interstellar”

Nov. 25 – “The Newsroom” (with Suzanne Gaber and David Lim) and “Birdman”

Nov. 19 – “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” and “Serial”

Nov. 9 – Taylor Swift’s “1989” with special guests Kate Magill and Emma Williams

Nov. 4 – “Nightcrawler” with special guest Zach Ewell, “Kill the Messenger” and “Broad City”

Oct. 27 – “Saturday Night Live” with special guest Kate Magill and “How to Get Away with Murder” with special guest Tam Sackman

Oct. 13Mulaney and The Affair

Oct. 7Gone Girl

Sept. 29Madam Secretary with guest Jonathan Connelly, Black-ish and The Skeleton Twins

Sept. 21The Mysteries of Laura and pop-culture confessions

Sept. 14Saturday Night Live,” Selfie and A to Z

Sept. 6 – Favorite summer movies, The Cosmpolitans, Red Oaks

Sept. 3 – Emmys, VMAs, Red Band Society

Aug. 25Breaking Bad

Aug. 3Boyhood and Orange is the New Black

July 16 – 2014 Emmy nominations