Emmy Nominations 2015: Forget Me Not


Here’s an admittedly incomplete, scattered list of shows and performances I’d love to hear on Emmy nomination morning, tomorrow at 11:30am Eastern. If it’s not on here, I either haven’t seen it, don’t like it, or like it but think it’s so likely to get a nomination that writing about it now is just superfluous.

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“Parks and Recreation”: Future Perfect


(Warning: This blog post contains spoilers for the sixth season finale of Parks and Recreation.)

As NBC’s beloved Parks and Recreation nears the end of its glorious seven-year lifespan, a predictable narrative malaise has begun to set in, even among the show’s most passionate fans. Leslie Knope has overcome one adversity after another, Ron Swanson has eaten his weight in bacon more times than can possibly be healthy for his cholesterol, and the show’s deep bench of supporting characters has coalesced into a cohesive unit as a result of Leslie’s tutelage. Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones triumphantly took their leave in the middle of the season, further contributing to the sense that the show had reached its agreeable, if slightly less remarkable, twilight.

That is, until “Moving Up” catapulted the show into uncharted territory.

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The M&M Report Episode 4: Pusher Love Podcast


It’s time for another episode of The M&M Report, and this is a very special edition for several reasons.

First, we’re a little later than usual. Better late than never, as they say!

Second, we welcomed our first guest this week! My friend Matt Waskiewicz joined me to talk Breaking Bad while Devin plugged his ears and avoided spoilers like the plague. (Just kidding. He left the room.)

Third, we branched out from TV this week with a discussion of some great pop music. Next week: the movies! The week after that: the world!

Before Matt joined me, Devin and I talked about the new season of Parks and Recreation and debated the merits of this year’s barrage of Justin Timberlake action.

Thanks for listening! For further reading, check out my blog post on Justin Timberlake and this New York Times profile.

0:00 – 8:25 / Parks and Recreation
8:25 – 28:55 / Justin Timberlake
28:55 – 48:40 / Breaking Bad