Fall TV 2015: Moguls, Moppets, Muppets and Murder


Fall TV is upon us, and the broadcast networks still exist! I watched two Fox shows and two ABC shows that premiered this week. Here are some thoughts, from favorite to least favorite.

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“American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars”: Old Habits Die Hard

Dancing Idol

American Idol and Dancing with the Stars have long since ceased to be the nation’s two most-talked about reality competitions. Idol has become increasingly adrift since Simon Cowell’s departure and the recent White Guy with Guitar phenomenon (extinguished last year due to blatant producer manipulation), while Dancing has fallen victim to a case of stubborn, agreeable familiarity: the show isn’t really capable of fully reinventing itself without alienating its core, older-skewing fanbase. Nonetheless, both of these shows remain at the center of their networks’ fall and spring lineups, and they’ve both recently made casting announcements. Time for some knee-jerk analysis!

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