“Breaking Bad”: The Five Best Episodes


Before I saw the finale, I chose the five best episodes of Breaking Bad. Having seen the finale, I think I’m sticking with my choices – these five episodes (and five runners-up) represent the show’s wide range of achievements.

Breaking Bad came to an end this Sunday at 9 p.m., leaving a trail of brutal, fascinating excellence in its wake. Choosing the five most impressive of the show’s 61 episodes proved to be a task worthy of Walter White’s $80 million haul. While every episode of the show features qualities worth recommending, the five hours below represent the show at its most formally, visually, narratively, thematically and emotionally audacious.”

Check out my five picks and five honorable mentions here.

Goodbye, “Breaking Bad”: My Initial Thoughts on the Series Finale


(Note: I’m not going to waste any time spoiling the series finale of Breaking Bad in this post. Look away immediately if you haven’t watched this show yet.)

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“Breaking Bad” Instant Reaction: White Flag

Breaking Bad

When Breaking Bad cut to commercial after its second-to-last act tonight, I exhaled audibly, realizing only then that I hadn’t been breathing for the past ten minutes. I’m only slightly exaggerating. (Spoilers ahead. Obviously.)

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